Complete Solution for mmWave 5G Radio Units

Discover the breadth of ADI’s sub-6 GHz and mmWave 5G portfolio through a complete 28 GHz 4T4R 5G RU designed fully in-house with ADI ICs and antenna IP from low PHY through an air interface. This comprehensive solution, comprising market-proven IP, significantly reduces the customer execution risk, time to market, and resources required by utilizing ADI’s RF, mixed-signal, and mmWave IC and system-level design expertise.

The emerging mmW 5G market is challenging for many customers to enter due to the design complexity of the system (phased array being the hardest). This solution demonstrates that ADI can deliver the entire solution from a Low PHY O-RAN 7.2 compliant interface to the antenna, for 24-47GHz solutions, using only ADI components. It positions ADI as a solution / system vendor rather than a component vendor, showing our ability to build system design / EM simulation / manufacturing expertise to de-risk complex mmW 5G deployments. This in turn reduces customer R&D cost by shifting that burden on to ADI, and reduces time to revenue.