ADI’s Die on Carrier Switches and Attenuators at the EuMW 2021

Sinan Alemdar, Senior Applications Engineer at Analog Devices, showcases the new Die on Carrier RF switch and attenuator products at the EuMW 2021 conference in London. The Die on Carrier is a wire-bondable solution for using SOI dies in chip and wire assemblies for ultrawideband applications. Sinan introduces the ADRF5424 (100 MHz to 60 GHz SPDT reflective SPDT switch), the ADRF5474 (10 MHz to 60 GHz, 2 dB LSB, 30 dB range DSA), and the ADRF5473 (100 MHz to 40 GHz, 0.5 dB LSB, 31.5 dB range DSA).