Product Details

The Altera Cyclone III LS FPGA Development Kit combines the largest density, low-power FPGA available with a complete suite of security features implemented at the silicon, software, and intellectual property (IP) levels. These security features provide passive and active protection of your IP from tampering, reverse engineering, and counterfeiting.

DK-DEV-3CLS200N Dev Kit

DK-DEV-3CLS200N Power Tree

Linear Technology Components

LTC2418 8-/16-channel 24-bit no latency delta sigma A/D converter.

LTC3414 4A, 4MHz, monolithic step-down regulator.

LT1761 100mA, low-noise, LDO micropower regulator.

LTC3853 Triple output, multiphase synchronous step-down controller.

LTC3418 8A, 4MHz, monolithic synchronous step-down regulator.

LT3203 500mA low-noise dual mode step-up charge pumps.

DK-DEV-3CLS200N Block Diagram