Features and Benefits

  • Complete radio cards for evaluation
    • ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ for frequency band 2.8GHz to 6GHz
    • ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ for frequency band 650MHz to 2.8GHz
  • 4x4 Wideband RF transceiver platform operating over 650MHz to 6GHz frequency range
  • A separate power daughter card provides reference design for high efficiency power supply solution
  • FMC connector to FPGA motherboard ADS9-V2EBZ
  • Includes schematics, layout, BOM, API and evaluation software

Product Details

The ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ and ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ are radio cards designed to showcase the ADRV9026, quad-channel wideband RF transceiver. The radio cards provide a 4x4 transceiver platform for device evaluation. All peripherals necessary for the radio card to operate include a separate high efficiency power circuit board, and a high-performance clocking solution included on the radio board. Connecting one of the radio cards with the FPGA motherboard ADS9-V2EBZ through the FMC connector form a complete evaluation platform for ADRV9026.

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Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • One ADRV9026-HB/PCBZ or ADRV9026-MB/PCBZ radio card with FMC connector
  • One 12V wall connector power supply cable

Note: The package does not contain the ADS9-V2EBZ motherboard which is necessary for operation and must be ordered separately. Please use one of the two 16GB Micro SD cards included in the ADS9 EVB kit (TRX) for booting up the ADRV9026 Windows-based GUI.

Getting Started

Please visit the ADRV9026 landing page to download the Design File Package and the Software Package. The Design File Package includes the eval board schematics, BOM, layout, IBIS, BSDL models, JCOM models, Material Declaration, and Symbols and Footprints. The Software Package includes the GUI software, the API source code, the firmware, and the gain tables.


Design Tools

17.36 M
ADRV9026 Design File Package (Last Updated 4/2020)
The Design File Package includes the eval board schematics, BOM, layout, IBIS, BSDL models, JCOM models, S-parameters Material Declaration, and Symbols and Footprints.

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