Precision medium bandwidth signal chains cover a large range of applications that demand accuracy across signal bandwidths from DC to 500 kHz, with sampling rates up to 4 MSPS, such as:

  • Condition-based monitoring (CbM)

  • Power quality monitoring
  • Sensor and system data acquisition

  • Rotation and position sensing
  • Analog input modules for industrial systems

Analog Devices’ precision medium bandwidth signal chains combine precision amplifiers, voltage references, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), circuit protection, and isolation products. They provide measurement and drive control options characterized by 16-bit to 24-bit resolution combined with DC precision and AC signal fidelity. Precise measurement of small and large amplitude signals, measurement and generation of arbitrary signals, or measurement of signals from many inputs at once are key features of these precision medium bandwidth signal chains.

ADI also provides options for high channel-count synchronized systems, designed with consideration for time accuracy and channel-to-channel phase alignment, and options for high channel density by means of small form factor multichannel converters or more highly integrated signal chain blocks (µModule® solutions).

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition—Multichannel

The following signal chains provide highly scalable solutions for multichannel use cases with trade-offs between power, bandwidth, and noise. These chains are typified by simplified analog front-end design and precision converters with multiple analog-to-digital conversion input channels per device.

Data acquisition circuit, multichannel

Data Acquisition—Single Channel

In this section, find signal chain options that provide highly scalable solutions for data acquisition, with trade-offs between power, bandwidth, and noise. These chains are typified by simplified analog front-end design with antialiasing protection. Single-channel signal chains can be utilized in multichannel systems where channel-to-channel isolation is required.

Data acquisition circuit, single channel

Vibration and Sound

This section includes vibration and sound signal chains for use cases with low noise and wide bandwidth, such as edge node sensing and high performance vibration and sound data acquisition channels. Some of the signal chains include devices with integrated digital filters to simplify analog filter design, reduce interface speed, and reduce power consumption in the digital host. Includes high performance DAQ signal chains with wide bandwidth and low noise.

Edge Node Vibration Sensing

Edge node vibration sensing circuit

Vibration Sensing Data Acquisition Module

Vibration sensing data acquisition module circuit

LTspice Signal Chain Simulations


Encoder-Based Rotation Sensing

The following signal chains deliver high precision rotation measurement capability, with options to include simultaneous sampling signal chains for phase accuracy, low latency for precision control loops, and lower resolution options for cost-sensitive applications.

Encoder-based rotation sensing circuit

AMR-Based Rotation Sensing

In this section we describe a signal chain that delivers the highest level of performance for rotation sensing and feedback applications.

AMR-based rotation sensing circuit


Find signal chain options that provide highly scalable solutions for passive sonar array applications. Solutions here focus on simplified analog front-end design with inherent antialiasing and easy-to-drive data converter inputs.

Sonar circuit

Application Areas

Automated factory interior

Industrial Automation

Industry 4.0 promises to deliver greater levels of flexibility and productivity to manufacturing and process control. But with it comes formidable challenges. It helps to have a trusted ally who can provide advanced products and technologies, backed by knowledge of the industry, to turn them into system-level solutions. Uses include:

  • Condition-Based Monitoring
  • Motion Control
  • Field Instruments
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Accelerating the Path to Industry 4.0
Spectrum analyzer with waveforms on screen

Electronic Test and Measurement

See ADI’s solutions and resources for precision medium bandwidth signal chains for electronic test and measurement, from complete reference designs, application notes, and technical articles to the latest, cutting-edge products. Our devices cover:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Precision Signal Analyzers
  • Signal Generators (Audio to RF)
  • Precision Measurement
Electronic digital pressure gauge

Instrumentation and Measurement

ADI partners with customers to instrument the future. Leveraging industry-leading capabilities, we enable technological advances, further scientific discovery, and improve quality of life. ADI delivers complete solutions from antenna-to-bits and measurement-to-information. Find solutions for:

  • Automated Test Equipment

Design Tools

ADI offers a full portfolio of precision design and analysis tools that help you select the right products to help optimize and simulate your designs.

Filter Wizard user interface

Filter Wizard

Use the Analog Filter Wizard to rapidly design low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filters using part-specific op amp models. As you progress through the design process, you can observe the characteristics of your filter design from available views, such as magnitude, phase, step response, power, and noise. the tool allows you to check for incremental performance as you alter specifications.

ADC Driver tool user interface

ADC Driver Tool

The Precision ADC Driver Tool provides a specialized simulation environment where the engineer can quickly determine the impact of the driver and RC filter selection on the overall system performance of an ADC signal chain. The ADC Driver Tool allows the user to optimize the driver and RC filter for the end application.

Instrumentation Amplifier Diamond Plot user interface

Instrumentation Amplifier Diamond Plot Tool

The Diamond Plot Tool generates a configuration-specific graph of output voltage range vs. input common-mode voltage graph, also known as a diamond plot. Users can select an instrumentation amplifier and use the tool to display the input and output voltage range boundaries at different gain and supply rail operating points.

Precision Medium Bandwidth Signal Chain Support

Use ADI’s engineering community forum to find answers to common questions, access blogs, and submit your own unique questions about circuits and products to an ADI engineer. The precision medium bandwidth forum content is tailored to the unique challenges of designing measurement and drive signal chains that require precision at DC and medium bandwidth, for single and multichannel systems.

Medium Bandwidth Support on EngineerZone

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