Introducing a revolutionary 0Hz (DC) to 14GHz switching solution. The Analog Devices RF-MEMS switch solution contains two die to maximize the customer experience: the 0Hz (DC) to 14GHz performance, high reliability MEMS switch and the low-voltage, low-current supply driver IC. The driver IC has very low power requirements, and is compatible with standard CMOS logic drive voltages. The co-packaged solution makes the switch extremely easy to use, and supplied in a compact (5x4mm) LFCSP package.

MEMS Switch Technology Products

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Device Config
Switch Ron (typ)
Freq Response (min)
Freq Response (max)
Insertion Loss (typ)
Input Power (max)
Specified at Freq
1 ADGM1304 (4:1) x 1 1.6Ohms 0Hz 14GHz 0.26dB 36dBm 2.5GHz
2 ADGM1004 (4:1) x 1 1.8Ohms 0Hz 13GHz 0.45dB 32dBm 2.5GHz

Delivering a Superior Alternative to Conventional Relay Approaches.

  • Enabling smaller, more flexible and higher reliability test and measurement equipment – greatly reducing size, component count, and cost.
  • Reducing test time and time to market as a key component in multi-platform, multi-standard test systems.
  • Platform simplification with integrated charge pump and multiplexer configurations for fan-out applications.
  • Lowest and flattest insertion loss across the frequency band – maximizing platform sensitivity and increasing test accuracy.
  • Widest variety of test challenges from a single platform while delivering the highest performance measurements – making testing more cost-effective.


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