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Today, wired connectivity technology still dominates the industrial landscape. Legacy serial interfaces are deployed extensively in existing factory networks to ensure uninterrupted, high-performance connections. These interfaces offer simplicity but lack the advantages of direct IP addressability possible with Ethernet, which dominates at the control level. In addition, new and old equipment must coexist in the factory of the future, and the latest wired connectivity technology facilitates this interoperability.


Value and Benefits

Offering superior performance, robustness, and reach, Analog Devices’ wired connectivity solutions leverage the latest wired serial and Ethernet technologies. For last mile connectivity to sensors or actuators at the edge we offer 10BASE-T1L and IO-Link®, and for high-speed applications, low-latency gigabit Ethernet, MLVDS, and RS-485. For industrial PC connectivity, we offer the latest isolated USB solutions with best-in-class robustness.

Our low-power, low latency, and robust gigabit PHY, MAC PHY, and switch technology optimizes system design and adds Ethernet connectivity. For IO-Link enabled intelligent connected sensors and actuators, we offer industry-leading, robust, enhanced feature set solutions, and a range of fully verified and tested reference designs. Choose from a range of isolated and nonisolated RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, RS-562, and CAN transceivers using ADI’s iCoupler® and isoPower® isolation technology, designed for robust, quiet connectivity in harsh industrial environments. Our compact USB port isolators allow ease of design-in for full signal integrity, EMC compliance, and proven iCoupler robustness.

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Offers a range of fully tested and verified reference designs



Enables quick and simple solution development


Removes the need for multiple external protection components


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