MEMS Switches

Analog Devices’ RF-MEMS switches offer excellent reliability with superior precision and RF performance from 0 Hz (DC) to 14 GHz. They require only a low-voltage, low-current power supply and have a fully independent parallel logic control interface. They are offered in standard surface-mount space saving LFCSP plastic packages.
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MEMS Switches

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SortOrderPart#Device ConfigSwitch Ron (typ)
Leakage Switch Off (typ)
Freq Response (min)
Freq Response (max)
Insertion Loss (typ)
Off Isolation (typ)
IIP3 (typ)
Input Power (max)
Specified at Freq
US Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1ADGM1004 (4:1) x 1 1.8 500p 0 13G 0.45 24 67 32 2.5G $39.34
2ADGM1304Reference Circuit Available (4:1) x 1 1.6 500p 0 14G 0.26 24 69 36 2.5G $36.58

Explore MEMS Switch Technology

Introducing a revolutionary 0-Hz (DC) to GHz switching solution. Innovative thinking and a proprietary approach offer a superior alternative to conventional relay approaches. Discover what the MEMS Switch Technology can do for you in instrumentation, aerospace and defense, healthcare, communications, and other key markets.


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