Integrated/Special Purpose Converters

To meet the varied demands of the worldwide market, Analog Devices provides an extensive portfolio of integrated and special purpose converters to support a broad range of industries. These special purpose converters provide a specific solution to applications for communications, energy, healthcare, instrumentation and measurement, motor and power control, industrial automation, and aerospace and defense.

Analog Design Tool: Virtual Eval - BETA

Virtual Eval is a web application to assist designers in product evaluation of ADCs and DACs. Using detailed models on Analog’s servers, Virtual Eval simulates crucial part performance characteristics within seconds. Configure operating conditions such as input tones and external jitter, as well as device features like gain or digital down-conversion. Performance characteristics include noise, distortion, and resolution, FFTs, timing diagrams, frequency response plots, and more. 

Virtual Eval - BETA


ADI’s audio codecs feature extended temperature ranges, low noise and distortion, and easy multichannel interfacing for use in common DSPs such as SHARC®.

Capacitive to Digital and Touch Screen Controllers

Energy Metering ICs

ADI’s energy measurement ICs address the challenges of smart meter architecture and are ideal for measuring active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy, rms, and power quality.

IF/RF Receivers

Integrated Temperature Sensors

ADI’s analog and digital temperature sensors provide users with temperature sensing and measurement with precise accuracy and reliability.

Mixed Signal Front Ends (MxFE)

Mixed Signal Front-End (MxFE®) provide a highly integrated analog front end (AFE) solution for communications infrastructure, broadband wireless, home networking, cable modems, and set top boxes.

Poly Phase Metering IC

ADI polyphase metering ICs possess the signal processing required to perform active, reactive, and apparent energy measurement, as well as rms calculations.

Quadrature Digital Up Converters (QDUC)

ADI’s digital up/downconverters act as the frequency translator and digital filter between data converters and DSP blocks, while meeting many digital data conversion requirements.

Resistive Touch Controllers

ADI offers a range of controller ICs for use with 4-wire resistive touch screens. These controllers have 12-bit resolution, SPI/I2C interface options, and low power consumption.

Single Phase Metering IC

Analog Devices supports a range of high accuracy energy measurement ICs intended for single phase applications.

Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converters

A resolver-to-digital or a synchro-to-digital converter converts electric signals noting a rotating shaft’s angular position and/or velocity into a corresponding digital output.

Video CODECs

For designs requiring complementary high precision, high speed video digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, Analog Devices offers a single generation of video codecs.

Voltage to Frequency Converters

ADI voltage-to-frequency converters are ideally suited for use in ADCs, long-term integration, linear frequency modulation and demodulation, and frequency to voltage conversion.