Analog to Digital Converters -  News

Analog Devices Releases Two Dual A/D Converters with Lowest Power/Highest Linearity Combination Available

Analog Devices Unveils 2.5-GSPS A/D Converter, Driver Amplifier and Rapid Prototyping FMC Module

Analog Devices Releases Fastest Quad IF Digital-to-Analog Data Converter

Global Leader in Converter Technology Releases Industry’s Highest Performing 2-GSPS Data Converter

Analog Devices Unveils New Class of Data Converters That Set 14-bit, GSPS Performance Standard

Analog Devices’ Integrated Transceiver and Support Ecosystem Drive Next-Generation Software-Defined Radio Designs

Analog Devices' AD9671 Octal Ultrasound AFE with JESD204B Interface Wins 2013 UBM ACE Award, Analog IC Ultimate Product

FPGA Mezzanine Card Rapid Prototyping Kit Simplifies JESD204B-Compatible A/D Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity

AD9670 Octal Ultrasound AFE with Digital Demodulator Wins Design News Golden Mousetrap 2012 Award

Dual 16-bit, 1.6-GSPS, TxDAC+ D/A Converter Synthesizes High-Quality Wideband Signals from Baseband to High Intermediate Frequencies

Analog Devices’ 24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D Converter Achieves Twice the Speed of Competing Converters and Industry’s Best Noise Performance

Analog Devices’ 256-Channel, 16-Bit Digital X-Ray Analog Front End Delivers Industry’s Best Combination of Noise, Power and Image Quality

Analog Devices’ Data Acquisition IC Simplifies Industrial and Instrumentation Equipment Design

FPGA Mezzanine Card Simplifies JESD204B-Compatible Data Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity

Analog Devices To Host ‘Name That Beer’ Demonstration Using Spectrometer Technology from Wasatch Photonics at electronica 2012

Industry’s First Octal Ultrasound Receiver with JESD204B Serial Interface Reduces Data I/O Routing and Simplifies Ultrasound System Design

Analog Devices Simplifies High-Speed Data Converter-to-FPGA Interconnect Design Environment

Analog Devices’ A/D Converter with Internal Reference Delivers Lowest Power, Highest Accuracy and Smallest Package in its Class

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