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ADUM6000:  Isolated, 5 kV, DC/DC Converter

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The ADuM6000 is an isolated DC/DC converter based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology. The DC/DC converter in this device provides regulated, isolated power in several combinations of input and output voltages as listed in Table 1 on the data sheet. The Analog Devices chip scale transformer iCoupler technology transfers isolated power in this DC/DC converter with up to 31% efficiency. The result is a small form factor, total isolation solution. Higher output power levels are obtained by using the ADuM6000 to augment the power output of the ADuM5401, ADuM5402, ADuM5403, ADuM5404, ADuM520x, and ADuM620x iCouplers with isoPower®. isoPower® uses high frequency switching elements to transfer power through its transformer. Special care must be taken during printed circuit board (PCB) layout to meet emissions standards. See the AN-0971 Application Note for board layout recommendations.

  • USB peripheral power
  • RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 transceiver power
  • Industrial field bus power
  • Power supply start-up bias
  • Industrial PLCs


  • isoPower integrated, isolated DC/DC converter
  • Regulated 5 V or 3.3 V output
  • Up to 400 mW output power
  • 16-lead SOIC package with >7.6 mm creepage
  • High temperature operation: 105°C maximum
  • High common-mode transient immunity: >25 kV/μs
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Safety and regulatory approvals
    UL recognition (pending)
    5000 V rms for 1 minute per UL 1577
  • CSA Component Acceptance Notice #5A
    IEC 60601-1: 125 V rms
    IEC 60950-1: 380 V rms
  • VDE certificate of conformity (pending)
    IEC 60747-5-2 (VDE 0884 Part 2):2003-01
    VIORM = 846 V peak

Functional Block Diagram


Title Content Type File Type
ADuM6000: Isolated, 5 kV, DC-to-DC Converter Datasheet (Rev D, 07/2013) (PDF, 365 kB) Data Sheets PDF
AN-0971: Recommendations for Control of Radiated Emissions with isoPower Devices  (pdf, 406 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-913: Isolating I2C Interfaces  (pdf, 280 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-727: iCoupler® Isolation in RS-485 Applications  (pdf, 282 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-740: iCoupler® Isolation in RS-232 Applications  (pdf, 716 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-770: iCoupler® Isolation in CAN Bus Applications  (pdf, 234 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-793: ESD/Latch-Up Considerations with iCoupler® Isolation Products  (pdf, 246 kB) Application Notes PDF
AN-825: Power Supply Considerations in iCoupler Isolation Products  (pdf, 181 kB) Application Notes PDF
CN0280: Robust Completely Isolated Current Sense Circuit with Isolated Power Supply for Solar Photovoltaic Converters  (pdf, 468 kB) Circuit Note PDF
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This webcast will present solutions to isolation challenges in power conversion applications. Among the topics to be discussed are the limitations of traditional methods of isolation (such as utilization of optocouplers and pulse transformers) vs. more efficient and cost effective solutions that utilize digital isolators. If you are currently using optocouplers and pulse transformers, this is a webcast you should attend.
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UG-181: PLC Demo System User Guide  (pdf, 541 kB) User Guides PDF
UG-042: Evaluating 16-Lead SOIC and 16-Lead QSOP Digital Isolators User Guide  (pdf, 504 kB) User Guides PDF
Creepage Requirements for Medical Applications  (pdf, 588 kB) Technical Articles PDF
MS-2204: Power Blanking for Increased Accuracy Using isoPower Devices  (pdf, 308 kB) Technical Articles PDF
Inside iCoupler® Technology:ADuM347x PWM Controller and Transformer Driver with Quad-Channel Isolators Design Summary  (pdf, 291 kB)
By Flow Zhao, Design Engineer
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NAppkin Note: Lowering the Power of the ADuM524x  (pdf, 223 kB)
By Mark Cantrell, Senior Applications Engineer
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Analog Devices Achieves Major Milestone by Shipping 1 Billionth Channel of iCoupler Digital Isolation (19 Sep 2013) Press Releases HTML
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ADuM130x/ADuM140x Triple/Quad Digital Isolators  (pdf, 126 kB)
The ADuM130x/ADuM140x family of triple-/quad-channel isolators eliminates the need for multiple optocouplers and their accompanying external discrete components.
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2008 Medical Solution Profile  (pdf, 126 kB)
High Performance ICs for Medical Imaging, Patient Monitoring, and Instrumentation
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ADUM6000ARIZ Status: Production SOIC INCREASED CREEPAGE 16 Ind Tube, 37 $4.47 $3.96 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADUM6000ARIZ-RL Status: Production SOIC INCREASED CREEPAGE 16 Ind Reel, 1000 - $3.96 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
ADUM6000ARWZ Status: Production 16 ld SOIC - Wide 16 Ind Tube, 47 $4.47 $3.96 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase Sample
ADUM6000ARWZ-RL Status: Production 16 ld SOIC - Wide 16 Ind Reel, 1000 - $3.96 Y  Material Info PCN Purchase
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