SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0217: High Accuracy Impedance Measurements Using 12-Bit Impedance Converters

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  • ADIsimDDS™
    The purpose of this tool is to assist a user in selecting and evaluating Analog Devices, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) IC's. It allows a user to select a device, enter the desired operating conditions and evaluate it's general performance.
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  • Fundamentals of Frequency Synthesis, Part 2: Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
    This month we conclude our two-part series on frequency synthesis, with an introduction to Direct Digital Synthesis. We will give a basic review of how a direct digital synthesis system works, touching on the inner workings of the DDS engine at a relatively high level. We will also discuss the tradeoffs between PLL and DDS technology as a base choice for frequency synthesis needs.
  • Performance Clocks: Demystifying Jitter
    Join us as we delve into the realm of sub-picosecond jitter clocks. The relationship between jitter and phase noise will be explored in detail and methods for measuring sub-picosecond jitter and ultra low phase noise will be presented and discussed.
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