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Use the search feature to find information about hardware development tools from Analog Devices. Whether evaluating a processor product with a full Starter Kit or an EZ-KIT Lite®, each provides what you need to start developing your application. These hardware tools integrate with both development software environments: VisualDSP++ (older processors) and CrossCore Embedded Studio (newer processors). When you move to development, a range of emulators give access to rapid on-chip debugging; enabling you to load code, set breakpoints, and observe system resources.

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Algorithmic, Add-in and Plug-in Software Modules

Audio and video codecs, encoders, decoders, post processing code and other modules can speed development and help evaluate processors.   Далее

Code Examples

Use software code examples to get you started on your software and algorithm development. Often, years of development are represented in coding best practices in the example code   Далее


ADI and its partners have a broad range of middleware offerings that let you explore, evaluate and design with our processors. With middleware, Analog Devices can provide you with what you need to develop your next product.   Далее

Software and Tools Anomalies Search

Sometimes silicon or development tools have unintended features. Knowing about these anomalies eases your development, providing workarounds for known issues.   Далее