ADV212 Technical Documentation

ADV212 Datasheet, User Guide and Programming Guide

  • ADV212 User Guide
    A reference guide for the ADV212, the User Guide contains detailed description of the ADV212 from functional and register descriptions, an overview of application examples, firmware parameters, as well as software and hardware configurations
  • ADV212 Programming Guide
    Contains detailed instructions for implementing specific applications by describing the procedures necessary for programming the ADV212 as well as an explanation of JPEG2000 parameters.

ADV212 Firmware

  • Latest ADV212 firmware
    The latest firmware can be downloaded from this location. The ADV212 requires encode or decode firmware to be downloaded onto the on-chip memory to initiate compression or decompression. Both encode and decode firmware is periodically updated with new features and improvements to increase functionality, though older versions of the firmware can be used in applications.

ADV212 PCNs and Errata sheets