Precision Signal Chain µModule Solutions

Analog Devices precision Signal Chain µModule® (micromodule) portfolio combines different technologies (PGIAs, amplifiers, ADCs, DACs, switches/muxes) along with ADI’s iPASSIVES techology via system-in-package (SiP) to deliver a more complete data conversion solution.

Precision signal chain µModule devices simplify the task of developing high precision measurement and drive solutions by transferring the design burden of component selection, optimization, and layout from designer to the device. Precision signal chain µModule solutions reduce system-level development cycles and significantly reduce the PCB footprint. They also reduce total cost of ownership associated with manufacturing yield and support due the more the signal chain being covered by a data sheet.

Precision signal chain µModule technology leverages Analog Devices’ industry-leading portfolios of precision technology to provide performance-leading solutions in the smallest footprint.

New Products Highlights



The ADAQ7980 is a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) μModule® data acquisition system that integrate four common signal processing and conditioning blocks into a system in package (SiP) design that supports a variety of applications.



The ADAQ4003 is a 18-bit analog-to-digital converter frontend system in package (SIP) that integrates three common signal processing and conditioning blocks to support a variety of applications.


ADI’s iPASSIVES technology fabricates precision matched resistors and capacitors on silicon.

When combined with ADI’s precision amplifier and converter technology via system-in-package (SiP) it creates extremely high performance, small footprint data conversion signal chain solutions which cannot be achieved via discrete designs.

Simplifying the Signal Chain

With the industry’s broadest portfolio of op amps, precision converters (ADCs and DACs), digital potentiometers, temperature sensors, voltage references, switches, and multiplexers, Analog Devices can help solve your toughest design challenges. ADI offers over 1000 precision linear ICs, outstanding customer support, and a full complement of precision design and development resources to meet any signal chain design demand.

Explore how we cover the signal chain in Power Management and Voltage References.


Precision Signal Chain µModule Solutions

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Sample Rate
Device ArchitectureInput TypeData Output InterfacePrice (1000+)
($ US)
1ADAQ4003 1 18 2M-- SAR Differential, Single-Ended Serial SPI-
2ADAQ7988Reference Circuit Available 1 16 500k 91.5 0.5 SAR Pseudo-Differential, Single-Ended Serial SPI $9.75 (ADAQ7988BCCZ)
3ADAQ7980Reference Circuit Available 1 16 1000k 91.5 0.5 SAR Pseudo-Differential, Single-Ended Serial SPI $13.25 (ADAQ7980BCCZ)