Energy Metering ICs

Analog Devices’ ADE energy measurement ICs address the challenges of next-generation smart meter architectures and are ideal for measuring active energy (kWh), apparent energy (kVA), reactive energy (kVAR), rms, and power quality with the highest accuracy in single phase and polyphase revenue meters, industrial instruments, and energy monitoring applications. ADI’s ADE energy measurement ICs combine analog-to-digital converters with fixed-function digital signal processors to perform critical measurements, while providing unparalleled functionality and ease of use.
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mSure: A New Solution to Monitor Meter Health and Protect Revenue


mSure® diagnostics technology enables direct and noninvasive monitoring of electric meter accuracy and faults in real-time. mSure-enabled meters, combined with a cloud analytics service, provide utility companies with real-time data and actionable insights on meter accuracy over lifetime, meter malfunction, and advanced tamper detection.

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Analog Devices is partnering with leading utilities and meter manufacturers interested in enabling next-generation electricity meters and integrating cloud analytics services for managing meter heath and revenue protection. To receive more information, click the below link to fill out the request form.

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Real-Time Meter Health Monitoring and Intelligence for Data Driven Decisions

Get an overview of ADI's mSure in-meter diagnostics and edge-to-cloud meter analytics service with Meter Health and Revenue Protection modules.

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Realizing the Full Potential of Your AMI Deployment with Meter Diagnostic Data

Learn how to maximize smart metering ROI by monitoring meter health using diagnostic-enabled meters and an edge-to-cloud analytics service.

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Taking Control of Smart Meters with Diagnostic Data

Get real-time visibility into your entire meter population’s health to plan meter replacement strategy, verify accuracy, schedule maintenance, and discover tampering with confidence.

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Utility Meter Health Monitoring and Advanced Tamper Detection with mSure® Diagnostics

See a 1.5-minute overview of Analog Devices’ new mSure diagnostics enabled energy measurement IC and benefits to utilities using actionable insights on meter accuracy, fault and advanced tamper detection.

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