Magnetic Field Sensors


Magnetic field sensors are devices that detect and measure magnetic fields around permanent magnets, current conductors, and electrical devices. As the world becomes increasingly electrified, demand for improved positional and current sensing has grown in turn. ADI MagIC+ magnetic field sensors create more accurate and more space-efficient solutions that can operate with little to no power.

Analog Devices’ Magneto Resistive Sensing Technologies, signal conditioning capabilities, and deep domain expertise are enabling new, innovative, and high performance sensing solutions for both position and current measurements across a broad range of applications and markets.


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What if we had the power to be powerless? It’s not a contradiction, but it may as well be magic. ADI MagIC+ is blurring the lines of what we previously thought to be possible in the realm of magnetic field sensors.



Magnetic Field Sensing Solutions

Position Sensors and Current Sensors


Position sensors are available in two configurations: single-turn and multiturn. As the name suggests, the single-turn position sensor measures a single rotation, while the multiturn sensor can measure multiple rotations, even in the absence of power. Below are some advantages and possible applications for each type of position sensor.

Single-Turn Sensor

Key Benefits in Motor Commutation Applications

  • Reduced motor torque ripple
  • Improved motor efficiency and smoothness
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Lower system power and reduced heat

Both Linear and Rotary Arrangements Are Possible

Microchip placed on a motor shaft measuring rotations

Rotary Position: End of Shaft

Microchip placed next to a motor shaft measuring rotations

Rotary Position: Off-Shaft

Industrial Applications

  • Servo drives
  • Process control equipment
  • Factory automation equipment

Automotive Applications

  • Starter generator motor (SGM)
  • Electrical power steering (EPS)
  • Electrical braking

Featured Products

Multiturn Sensor

Key Features

  • Measures multiple rotations in the absence of power
  • First “true power-on” single chip multiturn position sensor
  • Measurement range: 46 turns (0 to 16,560°); clockwise and counterclockwise
Rotating object activates magnetic sensors on a microchip

Simplified solution that eliminates the needs for:

  • Backup battery + memory + single-turn sensor
  • Continuous power + memory + single-turn sensor
  • Mechanical reduction gearbox + single-turn sensor
  • Linear position sensors or transducers

At a system level, this solution enables:

  • Simplified actuator systems reducing size, weight, and costs

  • Elimination of backup or continuous power to actuator
 Multiturn Solutions  System Size and Weight  Power Efficiency  
  Gear reduction mechanism + single-turn sensor or linear transducer


Three barbel icons


One battery icon

  Continuous power + memory + single-turn sensor 


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   ADI Multiturn Solution


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Multiturn Sensor Applications

Diagram of a steer-by-wire application for multiturn sensors

EPS Steer-by-Wire Actuator

  • Tracks wheel movement during key-off; system knows wheel angle on key-on
  • Simpler solution: eliminates requirement of complex systems to detect rack movement
Diagram of a seat belt retractor application for multiturn sensors

Multiturn for Occupant Safety

  • Measures seat-belt extension during key-off; occupant classification at key-on
  • Provides continuous occupant dynamic position information
Diagram of a rotary to linear actuator application for multiturn sensors

Automotive and Industrial Rotary to Linear Actuators

  • Eliminates need for linear position sensors
Diagram of a robot/cobot application for multiturn sensors

Industrial Factory Automation

  • Reduces downtime and increases factory efficiency
  • Tracks robot joint motion during power loss, eliminates the need for homing and calibration or battery backup

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ADI MagIC+ current sensors are based on next-generation techniques utilizing AMR platforms to enable new sensing technologies and deliver radical improvements over incumbent core-based Hall technology or CT-based solutions.

Advantages of ADI MagIC+ Current Sensors


  • Flexible form factor
  • Reduce solution thickness up to 7× compared to solutions with flux concentrators


  • Up to 10× less power consumption compared to closed-loop sensors


  • High resolution measurements (>100 dB)


  • MHz operation possible
  • DC capable
  • Zero offset

ADI MagIC+ current sensors operate on coreless AMR technology and thus achieve higher performance and mechanical robustness:

  • High precision open-loop DC and AC measurement
  • Highly integrated coreless solution with signal conditioning, temperature compensation, and coil drivers
  • Wide magnetic flux density range up to ±8 mT
  • Zero offset over temperature and life when chopped and flipped
  • High bandwidth for fast response times
Microchip array measuring the rotations of a cable
Contactless Current-Sense Solutions with Array-Based Design

Analog Devices AMR platform enables both AC and DC measurement, without hysteresis and offset—critical capabilities not enabled by incumbent solutions.

Key Current Sensor Applications

  • Absolute magnetic field measurement with high field range
  • Current clamp meters
  • General current measurement

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