iCMOS Technology Enabling the +/-10V World

Analog Devices' industrial CMOS (iCMOS™)
iCMOS Industrialmanufacturing process technology combines high voltage silicon with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies. It has enabled the development of a large portfolio of ±15V switches and multiplexers that are used in a wide range of applications. With the development of the iCMOS™ process, Analog Devices has been able to deliver on its commitment for continuous product and process development and released a large number of switches and multiplexers that offer industry leading performance in very small form factors enabling board area space savings for industrial systems.

"It is common to see new switch parts on the market in which there is a trade off in optimizing resistance, capacitance, charge injection, or input leakage specifications over one another," said Kurt Mandeville, chief hardware engineer, National Instruments. "With its new iCMOS™ switches, Analog Devices has managed to simultaneously improve on all four key specifications, trending ever closer to the ideal switch."

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  • ADG12xx: Ground-breaking ±15V low capacitance plus industry's lowest, most stable, charge injection performance in small packages.
  • ADG14xx: Industry-best low On-resistance and excellent On-resistance flatness in small packages.
  • ADG16xx: Industry leading ±5V on resistance performance in small packages.
  • ADG4612/ADG4613: ±5V 4xSPST switches with power off protection which guarantees an off state in the absence of power.
For more information on products, samples, evaluation boards, and tools visit www.analog.com/switch-mux.

In addition to switches and multiplexers, iCMOS process technology has enabled the development of many other high performance analog products capable of 30 V operation in a small footprint, bringing integration advantages which are essential to reducing design time and overall system cost.

  • AD7634: 18-bit 670kSPS SAR ADCs features software-selectable unipolar input ranges of 0 V to 5 V and 0 V to 10 V, and bipolar input voltage ranges of ±5 V and ±10 V, eliminating the need for front-end analog circuitry. For more information visit www.analog.com/adcs.
  • AD5362: 8-channel, bipolar iCMOS DAC with 16-bit DNL and 14-bit INL with user-programmable offset and gain, in 8 mm x 8 mm LFCSP package. For more information visit www.analog.com/dacs.
  • AD5290: iCMOS digital potentiometer that delivers an unbeatable combination of features and performance in a compact 10-lead MSOP package that can be operated from a single supply up to 30 V or a dual supply up to +/-15 V. For more information visit www.analog.com/digitalpotentiometer.

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