AD7606x Family

The AD7606 family of products offer 8 simultaneous sampling channels. The AD7606x products contain all the signal chain block: Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), Antialising Filter, ADC, Reference, LDOs, digital Filter and data communication interface.

The AD7606x only require a single supply rail (5V) to process bipolar input signals, largely reducing the support circuitry and improve the PCB density.

The AD7606 products allow for direct interface to low and medium impedance sensors such as Current Transformers and Power Transformers, typically used in protective relays. The fastest throughput and higher resolution generics enable Automation Test Equipment (ATE) applications, along with the High Bandwidth mode that allows for fast settling of transient signals.

AD7606x Overview

AD7606x Software Model

The AD7606x Software Model enables users to try different configurations for AD7606, AD7606B, AD7606C-18, AD7608 and AD7609: sampling rate, RC filtering, oversampling, calibration; and analyze frequency response, noise performance, interface timing or power consumption, among others.

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Resistive Input


The high input impedance allows for direct sensor interface, and the flexible PGA allows for a variety of analog input ranges and types: true differential, single-ended, bipolar and unipolar.

The core ADC


Highly optimized noise and dynamic range performance enable acquisition of smaller input signals over tens of kHz bandwidth.

Integrated Digital Blocks


The oversampling capability allows to trade off throughput rate for noise performance, for increased Dynamic Range.

Latest generics, in addition include advanced digital features: offset, gain and phase calibration as well as diagnostic features for higher robustness solutions.

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