ADI's Precision Isolated Gate Drive and Sense Signal Chains

The move to electrification demands inverters and power conversion systems that are smaller, more efficient, and safer. And designing with the latest power switch technologies such as SiC and GaN can be challenging.

The Isolated Gate Drive and Sense Precision Signal Chains from Analog Devices combines isolated gate drivers, amplifiers, and power, along with precision ADCs for easy and quick solutions. Implementations for both inverters and DC to AC signal paths, including ways to overcome the drive challenges of high performance SiC power devices and considerations for short circuit protection have been addressed. These platforms are designed as building blocks that can adjust from small footprints geared toward robotics, to those for safety critical applications like automotive that demand multiple channels of monitoring and protection. Quickly find the right precision components and accompanying power components for signal chains that provide monitoring for the switch, as well as system level temperature and IV measurement, monitoring and protection.

Find the complete solution to deliver performance in terms of gate drive, short-circuit protection, low delay, working voltage, high frequency switching, fast error response on the drive side, and also solutions that support scalable monitoring to enable accuracy, speed, and resolution on the sense side. Learn more about what Analog Devices’ Isolated Gate Drive and Sense Precision Signal Chains have to offer in this video.