High Bandwidth, Very Low Input Bias Current Op Amp

The LTC6268 is a new op amp with a unique combination of bandwidth, input and output characteristics. It has a gain bandwidth of 500MHz with a typical input bias current of only 3 femp to amps. The input capacitance is 0.45pF and the output can drive a 200Ω load. This combination of features can bring new levels of performance to traditional applications as well as enable new application possibilities. It is available as a single or dual (LTC6269) configuration. It is also available in a decompensated version (LTC6268-10) specifically for transimpedance applications. In this video, we discuss the highlights of the LTC6268. We present the results from a lab measurement of a transimpedance photo diode circuit using the decompensated version showing a bandwidth of 225MHz with a gain of 20K.