Multi-chemistry Battery Charger Provides Battery Health and Power System Monitoring

Batteries provide power to many different applications across a wide range of industries. While the sheer volume of consumer mobile devices tends to keep the spotlight on low voltage Li-ion powered applications, high performance and high reliability industrial, medical and military applications require a variety of battery chemistries with a variety of battery pack voltages. Some of these applications require a battery for portability, while others simply use a battery for backup requirements. In both cases, monitoring battery health and system performance is critical to ensure reliable and robust operation. In this video, we will show how the LTC4015 battery charger can charge Li-ion, LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries. In addition to charging several battery types, the LTC4015 provides unprecedented system and battery health information unavailable from competitive chargers. User customizable alerts and parameter limits combine with the LTC4015 serial port, integrated coulomb counter and 14-bit ADC to provide unparalleled configuration and power management in battery-powered devices. Furthermore, many functions are configured using hardware—external pins and resistors—enabling high-performance standalone operation without the need for a microcontroller or microprocessor.