Features & Benefits

  • Analog Devices has worked closely with FPGA and processor manufacturers to develop verified power solutions that optimize cost, size and efficiency in high performance applications
  • Our reference designs are supported by an intuitive design tool set and IP
  • Our team can provide designs for quick prototypes that can speed time to market in the most complex applications

Circuit Description

The i.MX 6QuadPlus family delivers dramatic graphics and memory performance enhancements and are pin-compatible with a broad range of i.MX 6 processors. This device encompasses a quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A9 platform running up to 1.2 GHz* with 1 MB of L2 cache, advanced graphics, prefetch and resolve engine, and optimized 64-bit DDR3 or 2-ch., 32-bit LPDDR2 support.

Integrated FlexCAN, MLB busses, PCI Express® and SATA-2 provide excellent connectivity, while integration of LVDS, MIPI display port, MIPI camera port and HDMI v1.4 makes it an ideal multicore platform for a leading-edge consumer, automotive and industrial multimedia applications which require higher graphics performance.

Rail/Function Part Number (s) Description
Step-Down Converter LT8640S 42V, 6A Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher 2 with 2.5μA Quiescent Current
8-Channel Programmable, Parallelable 1A Buck DC/DCs
VDD_DRAM LTC3618 Dual 4MHz, ±3A Synchronous Buck Converter for DDR Termination
USB / HDMI LTC3426 Wide VIN Range Buck-Boost Charge Pump with Watchdog Timer
Dual, 300 mA Fixed Output, Low Noise, High PSRR Voltage Regulator
Silicon Oscillator LTC6902 Multiphase Oscillator with Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation

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