Open Hardware Development Platforms

Analog Devices' family of ADICUP development platforms delivers industrial grade processing and sensing capabilities in an open design environment.

Form-factor compatibility with interfaces such as Arduino, Pmod, and Grove coupled with signal chain and sensor shields provide flexibility in end-to-end application specific development.

A continuously evolving ecosystem offers new processing and sensor capabilities targeted at various applications and an expanding toolchain combined with hardware and software design files enables faster proof-of-concept testing, providing a streamlined path from prototype to production.

Choosing the Best Platform

Industrial IoT


Arduino based Wireless Development Platform for Internet of Things applications based on an ultra-low power ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

  • Compatible with Arduino, PMOD and Grove form factors
  • Ultra-low Power ARM Cortex M3
  • Open Source IDE Tools
  • No External Debugger/Emulator Tools needed

Explore the EVAL-ADICUP3029

Precision Measurement


Arduino form factor compatible ARM Cortex-M3 Development Platform

  • Compatible with Arduino and PMOD form factors
  • Low Power ARM Cortex M3
  • Open Source IDE Tools
  • No External Debugger/Emulator Tools needed

Explore the EVAL-ADICUP360

Processor ARM Cortex-M3 ARM Cortex-M3
Speed 16MHz 26MHz
Power 290uA/MHz 30uA/MHz
Typical Use-Case •  Precision measurement
•  Instrumentation
•  Industrial Automation
•  Asset Health
•  Healthcare
•  IoT Edge Nodes
Hardware Connectors •  Arduino Uno
•  Arduino Due
•  Arduino Uno
•  I2C Grove
Wireless Connectivity •  External 3rd party hardware modules •  Bluetooth
•  Wi-Fi
IDE Support •  CrossCore Embedded Studio
•  IAR
•  Keil
•  CrossCore Embedded Studio
•  IAR
•  Keil
Powering Options •  USB
•  DC Power
•  USB
•  DC Power
•  Battery (AAA)
Onboard Debugger Yes Yes (breakaway)
Additional Features Dual 24-bit integrated sigma-delta ADCs Enhanced Security

ADICUP Ecosystem

ADICUP development platforms feature integrated and comprehensive tools, software, hardware and detailed support.

Open hardware modules and software examples enable proof-of-concept testing and customizable options for application specific development around the entire signal chain. Examples include wireless toxic gas sensing and shock detection.

Open Source
Open source toolchain support through Eclipse and Eclipse-based CrossCore Embedded Studio provides designers with a common set of development tools to enable easier and more efficient code development with no restrictions. ADICUP development platforms also support GNU Toolchain (GCC/GDB), GNU ARM Eclipse Plugin and openOCD assist in code development and debug.

Support is available through the Analog Devices Wiki where all supporting documentation such as hardware and software files, application code, and tutorials on how to setup examples can be found. Additional support and questions can be asked through EngineerZone, which is supported by Analog Devices engineers.

ADICUP Ecosystem