Impedance Measurement & Analysis

Impedance measurement instruments are employed for development, characterization, and test of sensors, electronic components, electrochemical cells, and materials. They are capable of extracting complex impedance vectors at a single test condition, or while sweeping source parameters like frequency, amplitude, and dc bias. To meet the bandwidth and accuracy requirements for this class of instruments, Analog Devices offers:

  • The industry’s largest portfolio of DDS-based signal sources
  • The fastest precision D/A and A/D converters in the market
  • High-performance precision and RF amplifiers for signal conditioning
  • ARM Cortex-based single-chip solutions for handheld and portable applications
  • Digital signal processors for real-time signal analysis

Our broad array of products enables impedance measurement designers to optimize for accuracy and speed from dc to over 100MHz.

Impedance Measurement and Analysis

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