Op Amp Applications Handbook, 2005


Op Amp Applications Handbook, Edited by Walt Jung, Published by Newnes/Elsevier, 2005, ISBN-0-7506-7844-5 (Also published as Op Amp Applications, Analog Devices, 2002, ISBN-0-916550-26-5).

This may well be the ultimate op amp book. It is brimming with application circuits, handy design tips, historical perspectives, and in-depth looks at the latest techniques to simplify designs and improve their performance. But this is more than just the last word on applications. A brief but fascinating History section outlines the early development of the feedback amplifier, starting with H. S. Black’s invention of seventy years ago—and provides priceless insights into the application needs, technological developments, and creative personalities that drove the many generations of op-amp designs.

The Op Amp Applications book is available for download: