Industrial Functional Safety

Automation isn’t smart if it isn’t safe. Functional safety is playing an important role in Industry 4.0 – not just because safety is an essential element of the future factory, but because functional safety can also enable higher reliability, more accurate diagnostics, and greater resilience.

IEC 61508 is the functional safety standard for the design of integrated circuits used in industrial applications. ADI has adopted this standard to extend our already rigorous new product development process. It ensures the extra safety planning, safety analysis, verification, and validation required by IEC61508 is carried out. To ensure a process of continuous improvement, ADI is an active member of key industry committees and has staff engineers certified by the leading industry functional safety certification bodies.

Our commitment to our customers includes a thorough product development process, an established zero-defect culture and in-house industry certified functional safe domain experts that can help you build your products to meet third-party certification standards and accelerate your time to market.

Tom Meany

Get inside expertise and stay current with all that’s happening in Functional Safety with Tom Meany.

Tom Meany is the holder of eight U.S. patents and is a senior member of both the ISA and the IEEE. He is also a Functional Safe engineer (TUV Rheinland) in the application area of machinery, holds a certificate in reliability and functional safety from Technis, and is a member of the IEC SC22G/MT12 working group. Tom has worked at Analog Devices since 1987 and currently holds the position of Functional Safety Technical Specialist for ADI’s industrial products.

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Process Control and Factory Automation

Process control is one of the earliest industries to employ functional safety, the specific standard is IEC61511 but the underlying equipment such as PLC, field instruments, and actuators are designed to IEC61508. In factory automation, the applicable sector specfic standards are ISO13849, IEC62061 and also IEC61508.

We offer customers an advantage in functional safety design through:

  • Deep experience in the application area
  • An IEC61508 compatible development process
  • A thorough understanding of diagnostics, reliability predictions and reasonable mission profiles

Learn more about ADI products specifically engineered for Process Control and Factory Automation: ADuCM362, AD7124, and ADCMP671.

Motion Control

In general motion control applications, IEC 61800-5-2 is the variable speed drives interpretation of IEC61508. This standard defines safety functions such as STO (safe torque off), SLS (safely limited speed) and SOS (safe operating stop). For integrated circuits, IEC 61508 is still the relevant standard.

Learn more about ADI products specifically engineered for Motion Control: ADSP-CM407, ADSP-CM417, AD7403 and AD2S1210

Robots and Cobots

Robots have traditionally been kept in cages and functional safety systems were designed keep the robots separated from people. Now the robots are coming out of their cages in the form of cobots and AGVs (automated guided vehicles). The applicable safety standards are ISO13849 and IEC62061 (the machinery interpretation of IEC61508). COBOTs or collaborative robots are designed to interact directly with people, the applicable standards are ISO10218-1 and ISO10218-2 and provide design and application requirements for robots but include guidelines on collaborative operation.

Learn more about ADI products specifically engineered for Robots and Cobots: AD7902, fido5100, fido5200 and ADI automotive LIDAR sensors.

Industrial Communications

Guidance on functional safety within networks is provided in IEC61784-3 and IEC 62280/EN 50159. Within IEC61508-2:2010 there are two basic approaches to functional safety, the white channel and the black channel. The black channel approach is the most common implementation as it makes no assumptions on the underlying network so all the safety functions are implemented by application code at both ends.

Learn more about ADI products that can enable low-cost black channel functional safety: fido5100 and fido5200.

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