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Analog Devices offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions for the Energy Storage & Power Conversion market. Powering and monitoring the energy cloud starts with a focus on renewable sources; ADI products are a perfect fit in solar inverters and wind turbine converters. Energy Storage Systems (ESS) make solar and wind energy dispatchable by storing energy when demand is low and distributing it when demand rises.

From state-of-the-art battery management systems (BMS) to high-voltage power converters, ADI technology addresses the challenges of high accuracy voltage monitoring, current monitoring and cell balancing utilizing ADI’s leading multi-cell stack monitors and coulomb counters. We also incorporate leading edge technology in isolated gate drivers for SiC and GaN power switches and isolated communication ICs, based on our proprietary iCoupler technology.

In high-voltage, high-power conversion systems, ADI digital isolators are integrated with high-speed gate driver cores to create isolated gate drivers capable of driving Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power mosfets at maximum speed/frequency, achieving exceptional efficiency targets.

In ESS and Power Conversion systems, ADI Power Management ICs represent the leading edge of power efficiency and signal purity. With a complete portfolio of discrete controllers, monolithic converters, and modules, ADI power management devices help you achieve the best tradeoff between BOM cost and system performance.

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Gate Driver Power Module

Builders of high-power systems such as electric vehicles (EVs), motor drives and welders are considering the potential benefits of silicon carbide power devices. See how the collaborative first-to-market high-power and high-voltage isolated gate driver board for a Microsemi SiC power module improves time to market.

Battery Management for EVs and Energy Stores

Analog Devices is an early pioneer of battery management solutions, implementing active and passive cell-to-cell balancing and charge/discharge control, enabling maximum performance from battery packs. A practical demonstrator built by ADI partner Stercom shows the how the technology can be applied to a kW-scale energy storage system.

Functional Safety for Battery Management Solutions

BMS development is driven by the emergence of lithium ion-based batteries which, unlike other batteries, do not tolerate overvoltage and may require secondary functions to operate safely. Functional safety actions, such as over-voltage protection, relate directly to battery protection. Other functions, such as the performance of active or dynamic cell balancing, are related to battery lifetime and may be required to enhance battery lifetime and cannot interfere with the safe operation of the BMS system.

For more information on ADI’s expertise and in-depth understanding on Industrial Functional Safety and our adoption of the IEC 61508 standard, visit our Functional Safety page.

ADI Industrial Functional Safety

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