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      Forward-thinking businesses are taking a holistic view of the electricity grid and transportation ecosystem to advance decarbonization and deliver sustainable energy. The grid must evolve along with its relationship with electric vehicles (EVs), on-site energy generation, and localized energy storage. Innovation in energy management and storage solutions, power conversion, transmission, distribution, and grid infrastructure is needed to meet future energy requirements and accelerate the transition to a net-zero world.

      Businesses that are only tangential to today’s energy issues must be brought into the equation to help resolve tomorrow’s energy problems. Proactive team efforts and cross-industry collaborations are needed to address inefficiencies quickly, provide reliable, cost-effective solutions, and ensure the long-term success of an energy ecosystem.

      Explore the conversations below, which bring together different stakeholders to get their perspective on advancing the sustainable energy grid and transportation ecosystem.

      Featured Participants:

      • Vitaly Goltsberg, Director, Sustainable Energy, Analog Devices
      • Hari Nayar, VP, Electrification and Sustainability, Merchant Fleets
      • Rima Oueid, Commercialization Executive, U.S. DOE, Office of Technology Transitions
      • Garrett Fitzgerald, Senior Director, Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance
      • Michael Joyce, Partner, Vinson & Elkins, Moderator

      Featured Video Segments:

      Delivering Sustainable Energy Solutions for the Electrification Ecosystem

      In what ways might innovative companies take advantage of the disruption in grid infrastructure to create value? How will downstream challenges posed by millions of EVs affect utilities? What impact will on-site energy storage have on the growth of EV charger pods? Explore what’s required to enable future sustainable energy needs.

      Enabling Scalable Technology Solutions

      The rate of innovation and convergence is accelerating. Industries are trying to change their paradigms as quickly as possible and make it easier to integrate the latest technology while leveraging scalable platform solutions and enabling reliable applications. Find out how the industry can ensure sustained long-term success for customers and convenience for consumers.

      Accelerating Decarbonization via Closer Collaboration

      We’re approaching the point where the EV becomes a distributed grid asset. Much of the technology that could enable this model already exists and can advance sustainability and add convenience for consumers. However, to bring it to fruition, the value chain needs to evolve, the right incentives and regulations must occur, and proactive cross-industry collaboration needs to ensue.