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      Automotive OEMs are rolling out EVs at an accelerated pace. This trend is paving the road for a robust electrification ecosystem that will be greatly benefitted by increased collaborations and partnerships. At the heart of this ecosystem is the battery and it holds the key to making EVs affordable, practical, and truly sustainable. Recently, ADI joined key stakeholders from the Global Battery Alliance and National Grid to discuss the challenges being faced by the electrification ecosystem. They discussed solutions and opportunities that will create a sustainable value chain across the ecosystem—from battery manufacturers, technology suppliers and utility providers, to OEMs and end consumers.

      Learn more about the electrification ecosystem’s role in fostering a robust circular economy and battery lifecycle, and the future of sustainable electrification innovation.

      Featured Participants:

      • Roger Atkins, Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd. (Moderator)
      • Gina Aquilano, Technology Director of Automotive Business Unit, Analog Devices
      • Guy Ethier, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Battery Alliance
      • Jake Navarro, Director of Clean Transportation, National Grid

      Featured Video Segments:

      EV Adoption Barriers

      The panelists discuss the key challenges around mass EV adoption and the possible solutions to overcome them, including infrastructure, battery innovation, and ecosystem dynamics.

      Evolution of the Electrification Ecosystem

      The panelists discuss important considerations to make EVs more affordable, accessible, and sustainable through partnerships and collaborations across the entire value chain.

      ADI’s Wireless Battery Management System (wBMS)

      ADI’s Gina Aquilano outlines the core benefits of ADI’s innovative wireless BMS solution; from the ability to rapidly scale EV fleets, to the creation of a platform for contactless data collection used for battery state of health and a more seamless transition of batteries into second life applications.

      Battery Second Life

      A truly sustainable electrification ecosystem is dependent on the development of a robust circular economy, powered by an optimized battery lifecycle. The panelists discuss the concept of battery second life and its critical nature in delivering a carbon neutral future.

      Battery as a Service

      The concept of battery as a service, where the vehicle is purchased and the battery is leased, could be a disruptive and viable business model in the future. A model where cost of ownership is lowered and battery first life and second life is improved.

      Future of Electrification

      The panelists introduce the concept of a Battery Passport, battery end-of-life considerations, and the importance of promoting inclusivity toward creating an innovative infrastructure.

      Watch the full panel discussion