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3D Time of Flight (ToF)

3D time of flight (ToF) is a type of scannerless LIDAR (light detection and ranging) that uses high-power optical pulses in durations of nanoseconds to capture depth information (typically over short distances) from a scene of interest.

The related technology 3D indirect time of flight (iToF) is a depth imaging system that uses a pixel array to capture depth information from a scene of interest that has been illuminated by a fixed high-power modulated continuous wave laser light.

Analog Devices offers trusted, industry-leading products and solutions that enable and enhance the performance of industrial vision systems and cameras, including high-resolution CMOS imaging chips (1 MP), depth computation, and processing with millimeter precision, laser drivers, and power management, along with development tools and software/firmware to aid in the quick implementation of ToF and iToF solutions. We provide a complete solution for depth cameras by combining the award-winning ADTF3175 ToF module and the ADSD3500 ToF depth image signal processor.

By leveraging a global partner network in developing industrial vision modules, cameras, and design services, we help customers shorten time to market and time to revenue.


Value and Benefits

Leveraging best-in-class 3D imaging technology licensed from Microsoft Corp., we are building a new portfolio focused on iToF CMOS CW-based products. We are utilizing its technical expertise and building upon Microsoft’s Azure Kinect technology to deliver leading iToF solutions that offer the highest depth accuracy possible, operate over farther distances, and perform robustly across environments with minimal power consumption.

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Enables +/- 5mm depth accuracy over the calibrated depth range of 0.4m to 4m

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Enables the delivery of a higher quality depth map for a given amount of optical power

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Reduces power by ~ 25% with the 3-phase modulation scheme employed in our sensor

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