Robot Operating System (ROS) Development Platforms

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a framework to help robot developers and researchers build and reuse code between robotic applications. ROS is not an actual operating system but an open-source robotics middleware suite and a set of libraries and tools to enable robot development. The ROS global community of developers contributes to this growing repository of ROS nodes and other resources.

Analog Devices (ADI) creates semiconductors and total solutions that bridge the physical and digital worlds, including robotics systems and technologies. To enable seamless integration of these solutions into the robotics domain, ADI is providing ROS support for key technologies and platforms. ROS provides functionality for hardware abstraction, device drivers, communication between processes, simulation environments, and visualization.

ADI’s hardware and sensor expertise combined with ROS 1 and ROS 2 support can accelerate our partners’ time to market by solving the sensor, signal chain, communication, and software integration challenges in robotics with a holistic approach.

Motor Control Modules


Ease of implementation and use, support for on-demand changes and evolving device capabilities, and the ability to learn and respond to environment and context: These are the staples of motor control technology that turn repetitive automation into intelligent movement.

ADI Trinamic™ simplifies even the most advanced motion control with developer toolkits that place decades of motor experience at an engineer's fingertips. ADI’s expertise in hardware building blocks removes complexity and ensures that even device developers without motion control experience can easily optimize motor designs. By providing ROS support for Trinamic motor control solutions, ADI enables developers to achieve rapid prototyping and development and improve time to market.

Download the ROS 1 node at GitHub

Download the ROS 2 node at GitHub

Robot Operating System (ROS) Development Platform Ecosystem

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ADI’s robotics modules, reference designs, and development platforms combine the necessary technologies, tools, and software for rapid system integration, enabling control, data collection, perception, analysis, and customization for robotics applications.

Hardware Evaluation
ADI combines signal chain hardware and development software to enable the evaluation of robotic solutions in industrial environments. Our hardware evaluation platforms serve requirements such as register configuration, data processing and storage, graphical interfaces, and more.

Software Integration
ADI’s robotics solutions ecosystem offers open-source ROS nodes that contain software source code, enabling seamless integration and simulation capabilities.

Find more information through the relevant Analog Devices GitHub pages, where all supporting documentation such as source code and setup guides can be found. Still have questions? Ask an ADI engineer on EngineerZone™.