ADL5519 Evaluation Board

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ADL5519-EVALZ is a fully populated, 4-layer, FR4-based evaluation board. For normal operation, it requires a 5 V/100 mA power supply. The 5 V power supply should be connected to the test loops labeled VPOS and GND. The two RF input signals are applied to two SMA connectors labeled INHA and INHB. Temperature compensation and power down are accessed through the SMA connectors labeled ADJA, ADJB, and PWDN. The output signals are accessible via the OUTA, OUTB, OUTN, OUTP, and SMA connectors. The temperature output, TEMP, is available via a test loop. The circuit board can also accommodate a 24-pin header through which the power supply, ground, temperature adjust nodes and output signal pins are accessible (the circuit board ships with this header not installed).


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ADL5519 Evaluation Board
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ADL5519-EVALZ Status: Production Evaluation Board $150.00 Yes -

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