RF Connectorized Modules & Instrumentation

Analog Devices RF and microwave ICs are now available in module form, including simple amplifiers in a module, high power rack mounted amplifiers, and signal generators. ADI offers a wide variety of RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated solutions for the communication, test and measurement instrumentation, and aerospace and defense markets.

Attenuator Modules

ADI wideband digital attenuators and voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) help achieve low cost, high accuracy control, and small package options for RF and IF applications.

Block Upconverter Modules

ADI’s compact, robust portfolio of block upconverter solutions help ensure that designers have access to high performance devices for their millimeterwave applications.

DRO/VCO Modules

ADI dielectric resonant oscillators (DROs) and voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) offer excellent output power and phase noise performance over temperature for a range of uses.

MicroSynth Modules

ADI’s high performance microsynthesizer portfolio includes single PLLs, fractional-N PLLs, integer-N PLLS, and highly integrated PLLs with VCOs.

Mixer Modules

ADI frequency mixing modules include solutions for high performance RF, microwave, and millimeterwave applications.

Phase Shifter Modules

ADI analog phase shifters and digital phase shifters offer controllable phase shift for wireless infrastructure, test equipment, aerospace and defense, and fiber optic technology.

RF Amplifier Modules

ADI RF amplifier modules offer high linearity, low noise figures, low phase noise, and low power consumption. They are fully specified over frequency and temperature.

RF Frequency Divider, Multiplier, & Detector Modules

ADI frequency dividers, multipliers, and detector modules offer high performance solutions, with features including ultralow phase noise and improved frequency lock time.

RF High Power Amplifier Modules

Designed for excellent linearity at high output power, ADI MMIC-based GaN and GaAs power amplifiers cover the low hundred MHz frequency range, including components in the Ka-band.

RF Signal Generators

ADI low cost, compact RF signal generators feature simple to use amplitude and frequency control, making them an ideal solution for both engineering and manufacturing environments.

RF Switch Modules

ADI RF switch modules include high bandwidth switch modules, with SPST, SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, and SP8T versions for a wide range of power applications.

SDLVA Modules

ADI successive detection log video amplifiers (SDLVAs) feature power limiter circuitry at the RF input and are available in miniature connectorized module packaging.