Switching Power Converters

Analog Devices switching power converters cover a range of devices and applications such as multioutput regulators, switching controllers, switching regulators, and switched capacitor converters. By joining reliability with versatility, members of this portfolio provide a powerful solution for RF, high speed, and precision analog products, as well as notebook PCs, mobile phone cables, and mobile phone display panels, among other applications.

Multi-Output Regulators

Analog Devices’ family of multi output regulators enable smaller, more reliable power solutions for RF, high speed, and precision analog products, along with FPGAs/processors.

Switched Capacitor Converters

ADI charge pump circuits generate higher voltages from low voltage inputs, a critical process in low voltage applications such as notebook PCs and mobile phone display panels.

Switching Controllers

ADI’s family of synchronous switching controllers provides high conversion efficiency with voltage rails down to 0.6 V with up to 50 A output.

Switching Regulators

ADI offers a range of switching regulators that operate in step up (boost), step down (buck), and inverting modes. These devices can generate a fixed or adjustable output voltage.