USB Isolators

Based on Analog Devices' proprietary iCoupler® technology, the USB 2.0 compliant ADuM3160 and ADuM4160 are fully isolated to 1.5 Mbps and 12 Mbps, and have been developed to lower system cost, reduce design size, and decrease design time, all while meeting the most demanding medical and industrial standards.
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USB 2.0 Compatible

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SortOrderPart#Data Rate (max)
Prop Delay (max)
Inputs Side IInputs Side 2Insulation Rating
(V rms)
CMTI (min)
Vs+ (min)
Vs+ (max)
Temp RangeReliability LevelUS Price 1000 to 4999
($ US)
1ADUM3160Reference Circuit Available 12M 325n 1 1 2.5k 25k 4 5.5 -40 to 105°C Automotive $3.13
2ADUM4160Reference Circuit Available 12M 325n-- 5k 25k 4 5.5 -40 to 105°C- $5.04