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Industrial Wireless Connectivity Solutions

In industrial applications, no single wireless technology is king. Low-bandwidth and low-power technologies are best for meter deployments with occasional connectivity needs. In contrast, for autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) deployed in busy factory floors with multiple sensors communicating simultaneously and continuously, higher bandwidth options are needed. Analog Devices’ range of wireless communications technology enables connectivity to sensors in remote and hard-to-access hazardous locations without the need to deploy a wired network.


Value and Benefits

We offer highly advanced reliable wireless subsystems and complete signal chain solutions focused on reducing the design burden and speeding up deployment. These solutions include SmartMesh®, 5G, Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), and 60 GHz latency-free wireless data interconnects. Our SmartMesh embedded products are the industry's lowest power and most reliable standards-based wireless sensor networking (WSN) products. We are the market leader in 5G radio technology and our Darwin family of microcontrollers, with an ultra-low power integrated BLE 5.2 radio, is purpose-built to solve the challenge of securely powering edge devices throughout smart factories and buildings. For robotic applications, using our 60 GHz link technology removes the physical contact and enables the rotary joint using a contactless method, reducing routine maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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Reduces design burden and speed up solution deployment



Latency-free wireless data link


Utilize in harsh environments without loss of performance

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