Product Details

The EVAL-ADXL367-SDP is an easy-to-use Customer Evaluation System that allows the user a quick start on testing and evaluating the ADXL367 accelerometer. The system consists of a main board (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z evaluation platform), an interface board (EVAL-SDP-INTER4-Z), and a satellite board (EVAL-ADXL367Z breakout board). 

The EVAL-SDP-CB1Z board, also called “SDP-B”, connects directly to a PC via an USB cable, with the USB connection providing both communications and power to the board. The SDP-B is connected to the interface board (EVAL-SDP-INTER4-Z), which provides the signal conditioning and electrical connections to communicate with the satellite board (EVAL-ADXL367Z) through a cable. This cable allows the satellite to be easily manipulated for testing or separately placed into an environmental chamber for temperature or humidity testing. Separating the boards mitigates corruption of data due to the temperature and humidity effects of other components.

The EVAL-ADXL367-SDP Customer Evaluation System comes with all the necessary cables and connectors. Each part of this kit can be purchased separately. 

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