Features and Benefits

  • ADSP-BF548 Processor: 400 Ball mBGA, 600MHz; 25 MHz CLKIN oscillator
  • DDR SDRAM: 64 MB (8M x 16) Micron MT46V32M16
  • BURST Flash: 16 MB Numonyx PC28F128P33T85A
  • NAND Flash: 2 Gb Numonyx NAND02
  • SPI Flash: 16 Mbit Numonyx M25P16
  • Hard Drive: Toshiba MK4032GAX 40GB 2.5” drive
  • AC’97 CODEC: AD1980 5.1 Surround Codec
  • Keypad: ACT Components, ACT-07-30008-000-R 4x4 Keypad assembly
  • Thumbwheel: CTS Corp 290UAB0R201B2, Rotary Encoder
  • UART: ADM3202 RS-232 line driver/receiver; DB9 female connector
  • USB Debug Agent and JTAG Header
  • Connectors: HS USB OTG; SD Memory; CAN (2); HOST; Expansion Interface (3); STAMP Interface (7)

Product Details

The ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite® provides developers with a cost-effective method for initial evaluation of the ADSP-BF54x Blackfin® Processors via a USB-based, PC-hosted tool set. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn more about the Analog Devices (ADI) ADSP-BF548 hardware and software development, and quickly prototype a wide range of applications.


The EZ-KIT Lite includes an ADSP-BF548 Blackfin Processor desktop evaluation board along with an evaluation suite of the VisualDSP++® development and debugging environment, including the C/C++ compiler, assembler, and linker. The evaluation suite of VisualDSP++ is designed to be used with the EZ-KIT Lite only.


The EZ-KIT Lite ships with a 4x4 Keypad, Optical Thumbwheel, QVGA Touch Screen LCD and a 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive.

Ordering Information
Part number: ADZS-BF548-EZLITE

CROSSCORE® Tools Support
Tel: 1.800.ANALOGD
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Applicable Parts

Package Contents

  • ADSP-BF548 EZ-KIT Lite board
  • Universal 7.5V DC power supply
  • Secure digital (SD) memory card
  • USB high-speed flash drive
  • 7-foot Ethernet crossover cable
  • 7-foot Ethernet patch cable
  • Four 6-foot 3.5 mm male-to-male audio cables
  • 3.5 mm headphones
  • 10-foot USB A-B male cable for USB Debug Agent
  • 5-in-1cable and connectors for USB on-the-go (OTG) applications
  • Ethernet loopback connector
  • CAN loopback cable

System Requirements

  • Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit only).
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate SP2 (32-bit only). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32 and 64-bit). It is recommended to install the software in a non-UAC-protected location.
  • Minimum of 2 GHz single core processor, 3.3 GHz dual core is recommended.
  • Minimum of 1 GB memory (RAM), 4 GB is recommended.
  • Minimum of 2 GB hard disk (HDD) space is required.
  • CrossCore Embedded Studio for Analog Devices Processors.
  • VisualDSP++ 5.0 and Latest Update.


Software Module

The Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) Decoder library for the Blackfin processor implements a Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) Decoder, which is compliant with the Q.24 ITU specification.

The Digital Theatre Systems (DTS) Neo:6 Decoder library for the Blackfin processor implements a DTS Neo:6 decoder, which has DTS Neo:6 compliance/certification.

The Video Content Analysis Toolbox (VCAT) library for the Blackfin processor implements a set of video analytics tools to be used in video surveillance for detection of events, such as intrusion detection, left/removed object detection.
The GIF (graphics interchange format) Decoder library for the Blackfin processor supports handling of data in GIF file format with data movement support, configurable to use either cache mode or MDMA.
The Bitmap Image File (BMP) Decoder library for the Blackfin processor implements data handling for BMP data as uncompressed data format or an RLE encoder data.
The Audio Mixer library for the Blackfin processor can mix N number of input channels to M output channels and can be used directly for VoIP applications.

Product Downloads

ADSP-BF548 EZ KIT Board Support Package (Rev. 1.0.0)


OBSOLETE: The Lightweight TCP/IP (lwIP) Stack for CrossCore Embedded Studio is an implementation of this widely accepted TCP/IP stack for embedded platforms supporting most of the networking protocols in the TCP/IP suite.

Software Development Tools

CCES is a world-class integrated development environment (IDE) for the ADI Blackfin®, SHARC® and Arm® processor families.

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