Temperature Sensor - Serial Digital Output Thermometers

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Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
Part Details
  • Low Cost 3-Pin Package
  • Modulated Serial Digital Output
    Proportional to Temperature
  • ±1.5C Accuracy (typ) from –25C to +100C
  • Specified –40C to +100C, Operation to 150C
  • Power Consumption 6.5 mW Max at 5 V
  • Flexible Open-Collector Output on TMP03
  • CMOS/TTL-Compatible Output on TMP04
  • Low Voltage Operation (4.5 V to 7 V)
Additional Details
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The TMP03 / TMP04 are monolithic temperature detectors that generate a modulated serial digital output that varies in direct proportion to the temperature of the device. An onboard sensor generates a voltage precisely proportional to absolute temperature which is compared to an internal voltage reference and input to a precision digital modulator. The ratiometric encoding format of the serial digital output is independent of the clock drift errors common to most serial modulation techniques such as voltage-to-frequency converters. Overall accuracy is ±1.5°C (typical) from –25°C to +100°C, with excellent transducer linearity. The digital output of the TMP04 is CMOS/TTL compatible, and is easily interfaced to the serial inputs of most popular microprocessors. The open-collector output of the TMP03 is capable of sinking 5 mA. The TMP03 is best suited for systems requiring isolated circuits utilizing optocouplers or isolation transformers.

The TMP03 and TMP04 are specified for operation at supply voltages from 4.5 V to 7 V. Operating from 5 V, supply current (unloaded) is less than 1.3 mA.

The TMP03 / TMP04 are rated for operation over the –40°C to +100°C temperature range in the low cost TO-92, SO-8, and TSSOP-8 surface mount packages. Operation extends to 150°C with reduced accuracy.


  • Isolated sensors
  • Environmental control systems
  • Computer thermal monitoring
  • Thermal protection
  • Industrial process control
  • Power system monitors

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