+3V/+5V, 250MHz, SOT23 ADC Buffer Amplifiers with High-Speed Disable

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Achieves -88dBc SFDR at 5MHz

Part Details
  • High Speed at 3V
    • 250MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4285/87/88)
    • 150MHz -3dB Bandwidth (MAX4286, MAX4387/88)
    • 350V/µs Slew Rate
  • +2.85V to +6.5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Input Common-Mode Range Extends to VEE
  • Low Distortion at 5MHz
    • -88dBc SFDR
  • High Output Current Drive: -106mA to +77mA
  • 6ns Settling Time to 0.1%
  • High-Speed Enable/Disable
    • 40ns Enable Time
    • 50ns Disable Time
    • High Output Impedance
  • Space-Saving SOT23 and µMAX Packages
Additional Details
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The MAX4285/MAX4286 single and MAX4287/MAX4288/MAX4387/MAX4388 dual ADC buffer amplifiers feature high-speed performance and single +3V supply operation. The MAX4285/MAX4286/MAX4288 and MAX4388 offer a disable feature that reduces power-supply current and places the outputs in a high-impedance state. All six devices operate from a +2.85V to +6.5V single supply or from ±1.425V to ±3.25V dual supplies. The common-mode input voltage range extends to the negative power-supply rail (ground in single-supply applications).

These devices require 20mA of quiescent supply current per amplifier while achieving a 250MHz -3dB bandwidth and a 350V/µs slew rate. The combination of an 8ns (to 0.1%) settling time, 88dBc (f = 5MHz) of SFDR, and up to 100mA output drive makes these amplifiers ideal for high-speed ADC drivers for communications and instrumentation applications. In addition, when disabled, their high output impedance makes them ideal for multiplexing applications.

The MAX4285/MAX4286 are available in space-saving 6-pin SOT23 and 8-pin SO packages. The MAX4287/MAX4387 come in 8-pin µMAX® and 8-pin SO packages, while the MAX4288/MAX4388 come in 10-pin µMAX and 14-pin SO packages.


  • CCD Imaging
  • Communication Systems
  • High-Speed ADC Drivers
  • Instrumentation
  • Ultrasound

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