2.5GHz, +20dBm Power Amplifier IC in UCSP Package

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Industry's Smallest Bluetooth PA Provides Digital Power Control

Part Details
  • 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz Frequency Range
  • High +20dBm Output Power
  • 2-Bit Digital Power Control: Four Output Levels
  • Integrated Input Match to 50Ω
  • Low 105mA Operating Current
  • 0.5µA Low-Power Shutdown Mode Current
  • +2.7V to +5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Miniature Chip-Scale Package (1.56mm x 1.56mm)
Additional Details
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The MAX2240 single-supply, low-voltage power amplifier (PA) IC is designed specifically for applications in the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz frequency band. The PA is compliant with Bluetooth®, HomeRF, and 802.11 standards, as well as other FSK modulation systems. The PA provides a nominal +20dBm (100mW) output power in the highest power mode.

The PA includes a digital power control circuit to greatly simplify control of the output power. Four digitally controlled output power levels are provided: from +3dBm to +20dBm. A digital input controls the active or shutdown operating modes of the PA. In the shutdown mode, the current reduces to 0.5µA.

The IC integrates the RF input and interstage matching to simplify application of the IC. Temperature and supply-independent biasing are also included to provide stable performance under all operating conditions.

The IC operates from a +2.7V to +5V single-supply voltage. No negative bias voltage is required. Current consumption is a modest 105mA at the highest power level.

The part is packaged in the UCSP™ package significantly reducing the required PC board area. The chip occupies only a 1.56mm x 1.56mm area. The 3 x 3 array of solder bumps are spaced with a 0.5mm bump pitch.


  • 2.4GHz ISM Proprietary Radios
  • 802.11 FHSS WLAN
  • Bluetooth®
  • HomeRF

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