16 Channel Buck Mode LED Driver

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Info: : PRODUCTION tooltip
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1ku List Price Starting From $7.50
  • 4.5V to 45V Input Supply Range
  • Up to 50mA LED Current per Channel
  • 100mA, 45V Internal Switches
  • Improvements vs LT3595
    • Pinout Allows 1-Sided PCB Layout
    • Higher Maximum Switch Duty Cycle
    • LED Current Accuracy (7% vs 8%)
    • ±4% LED Current Matching
  • 16 Independent LED Channels
  • 5000:1 True Color PWM Dimming Range
  • LEDs Disconnected in Shutdown
  • Internal Schottky Diodes
  • 2MHz Switching Frequency
  • RSET Pin Sets Master LED Current
  • Typical Efficiency: 92%
  • Open LED Detection and Thermal Protection
  • 56-Pin 5mm × 9mm × 0.75mm QFN Package
Additional Details
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The LT3595A is a high performance LED Driver designed to drive sixteen independent channels of up to 10 LEDs at currents up to 50mA. Series connection of the LEDs provides identical LED currents resulting in uniform brightness. Power switches, Schottky diodes, and compensation components are all internal, providing a small converter footprint and lower component cost. The high 2MHz switching frequency permits the use of tiny, low profile inductors and capacitors. A fixed frequency, current mode architecture results in stable operation over a wide range of supply and output voltage.

A single external resistor sets the LED current for all sixteen channels, and dimming is then controlled for each channel by pulse width modulating the individual PWM pins. LED current accuracy is 7%, channel-to-channel current matching is ±4% and the PWM dimming range is 5000:1. The part is available in a 5mm × 9mm × 0.75mm 56-pin QFN package.


  • LED Video Billboards
  • LCD Televisions
  • Stadium and Advertising Displays
Part Models 2
1ku List Price Starting From $7.50

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