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ADI has been pioneering advances in digital isolation technology for over 20 years with both iCoupler® digital isolation ICs and µModule BGA digital isolation. We are the world leader shipping over 3 billion isolated channels. Our deep domain and system-level design expertise is paired with our innovative iCoupler portfolio for superior digital isolation solutions. In today’s increasingly digitalized world ranging from Industry 4.0 to automotive electrification and digital health, ADI is the expert where electrical meets electronic. With ubiquitous sensing and digitization, certified iCoupler digital isolators protect people, assets, and data from high voltages and hazardous environments. Our innovative portfolio delivers best-in-class patented digital isolation technology for data, high power isolated dc-to-dc converters and communication protocols ranging from RS485, USB and CAN to gigabit LVDS and on to isolated gate drivers crafted for IGBT & SiC, isolated switches, and isolated Σ-Δ (sigma-delta) ADC modulators & amplifiers. For trusted safety and data integrity, partner with Analog Devices’ digital isolation technology solutions.
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Trusted safety and data integrity

ADI pairs deep domain and system-level design expertise with superior iCoupler digital isolation solutions.

2021 Digital Isolation and Interface Technology Selection Guide

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Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information

The iCoupler family of digital isolation products have been tested and approved by various regulatory agencies, including UL, CSA, VDE, TÜV, CQC, ATEX, and IECEx. This table summarizes the achieved ratings for each product and includes links to copies of the actual safety certificates.

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Enhanced Protection with iCoupler® Digital Isolation Solutions

In our increasingly digitalized world of modern factory automation, electric mobility, and advanced medical electronic equipment, ADI is the expert where electrical meets electronic. With ubiquitous connectivity and digitization, it’s more important than ever to protect people, assets, and data from high voltages via digital isolation technology.

Not only is ADI the world leader, but we have been pioneering advances in digital isolation for 20 years with both iCoupler digital isolation ICs and µModule BGA digital isolation. Our deep domain and system-level design expertise are paired with our innovativeiCoupler portfolio of best-in-class digital isolation technologies and solutions. ADI iCoupler enables unparalleled performance, reliability, and data integrity.

Explore ADI’s Digital Isolation Solutions

Isolated Data

ADI’s iCoupler digital isolators enable robust solutions with the flexibility of up to six channels. Products meet stringent safety standards including the ability to isolate IS-IS with our intrinsically safe certified digital isolators. AEC Q100 automotive certified versions are also available.

  • Standard Digital Isolators

Isolated Communication

ADI offers integrated, compact, robust, and reliable solutions that solve our customers’ protocol transmission challenges. Our broad portfolio offers solutions spanning isolated field bus (RS-485, CAN, and LVDS) as well as peripheral communications (I2C, USB, SPI, and RS-232).

  • Isolated RS-485
  • Isolated Controller Area Network (CAN)
  • Isolated LVDS
  • I2C Isolators
  • USB Isolators
  • SPI Isolators
  • Isolated RS-232

Isolated Power Conversion

isoPower® chip-scale transformers remove design complexity and optimize power solutions. μModule devices create solutions that provide additional auxiliary isolated power. Isolated amplifiers provide power supply engineers with an upgrade in speed, temperature, and transient response over traditional optocoupler options.

  • isoPower
  • Isolation Amplifiers
  • Isolated Gate Drivers
  • Flyback, Forward & Isolated Controllers

The ADI iCoupler® Advantage

Seamless Integration for Ease of Use


Simplifies system design with the industry’s broadest portfolio for faster time to market and lower overall system cost.

Industry’s Highest-Speed and Highest-Voltage Isolation

Enables high resolution imaging systems and high bandwidth links between processors, when data and resolution are critical.

Ensures Data Integrity

Data remains complete—intact and on time in the harshest operating environments. This enables customers to meet regulatory requirements with shortened time to market.

Quality and Reliability for Trusted Safety

ADI is the leading innovator for digital isolation, providing best-in-class quality and comprehensive engineering resources. Our fully certified components and solutions create trust and instill peace of mind for customers.

Delivering Value in Key Application Areas

Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle Electrification

Fully certified components and solutions offer trusted automotive-grade safety.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Ensure accurate communication data reaches its destination complete and unharmed, even in the harshest environments.

Digital Health

Digital Health

Reinforced isolation and high noise immunity for protected system solutions when quality is critical for data and patients.

ADI Fellow Baoxing Chen

Meet the Scientist Behind the Science

ADI Fellow Baoxing Chen pioneered digital isolation technology. He has authored or coauthored more than 30 papers and holds 50 U.S. patents. Learn how Baoxing’s unique perspective has revolutionized isolation technology within both ADI and the industry.

Read about Baoxing

iCoupler® Digital Isolator Products



Isolated, Half Bridge Gate Driver with Adjustable Dead Time, Single Input, 4 A Output



5.7 kV RMS Isolated, High Working Voltage, RS-485 Transceiver with ±15 kV IEC ESD



Quad-Channel Isolators with Integrated DC-to-DC Converter (3:1 directionality)

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