Part Details
  • High Conversion Gain: 12 dB
  • Sideband Rejection: -20 dBc
  • 2 LO to RF Isolation: 12 dB
  • Output IP3: +30 dBm
  • RoHS Compliant
    5x5 mm Ceramic SMT Package
Additional Details
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The HMC710 is a compact GaAs MMIC I/Q upconverter in a leadless RoHS compliant SMT package. This device provides a small signal conversion gain of 12 dB with -20 dBc of sideband rejection. The HMC710 utilizes a driver amplifier preceded by an I/Q mixer where the LO is driven by an active x2 multiplier. IF1 and IF2 mixer inputs are provided and an external 90° hybrid is needed to select the required sideband.

The I/Q mixer topology reduces the need for filtering of the unwanted sideband. The HMC710 is a much smaller alternative to hybrid style single sideband upconverter assemblies and it eliminates the need for wire bonding by allowing the use of surface mount manufacturing techniques.


  • Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multi-Point Radio
  • Military Radar, EW & ELINT
  • Satellite Communications
  • Sensors

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