Features and Benefits

  • Digitally tunable, multioctave, band-pass tuning
  • 3dB bandwidth (BW): 7 to 11%
  • Low insertion loss: 4dB @ 9% BW
  • Excellent rejection: 20 dB @ 2 x BW
  • Great linearity
  • Single chip replacement for discrete solutions
  • Compact 22 × 22 x 5.73 mm LGA package

Product Details

The ADMV8052 is a radio frequency filter, that features a digitally selectable frequency of operation. The device has three band-pass filters, that span across three specified bands from 30 to 520 MHz.

The center frequency (fC) of operation can be adjusted using an 8-bit value (256 states) that incorporates a patent pending interpolation technique. The typical 3 dB bandwidth (BW) is 9% and adjustability is ± 2%. Insertion loss is typically 4 dB, and rejection at 2 x BW is 20 dB, which is ideally suited for minimizing system harmonics. Additionally, the flexible architecture incorporates a bypass mode with a low insertion loss of 1 dB.

This tunable filter can be used as a smaller alternative to large switched filter banks and cavity tuned filters, and this device provides a dynamically adjustable solution in advanced communications applications.


  • Land mobile radio
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Military radar and electronic warfare/electronic countermeasures
  • Satellite communications
  • Industrial and medical equipment
  • Product Lifecycle icon-recommended Pre-Release

    This product is new and engineering validation may still be underway. Quantities may be limited and design specifications may change while we ready the product for release to production.

    Design Resources

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