50 V, 1 MHz, 165 μA, Robust, Over-The-Top Precision Op Amp

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  • Ultrawide common-mode input range: −VS − 0.1 V to −VS + 70 V
  • Wide power supply voltage range: +3 V to +50 V (to ±25 V for PSRR)
  • Low power supply current: 165 μA per channel (typical)
  • Low input offset voltage: ±35 μV maximum
  • Low input offset voltage drift: ±0.5 μV/°C maximum (B grade)
  • Low input voltage noise
    • 1/f noise corner: 6 Hz typical
    • 400 nV p-p typical at 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
    • 17 nV/√Hz typical at 100 Hz
  • High speed
    • GBP: 1.05 MHz typical for fTEST = 2.5 kHz
    • Slew rate: 0.85 V/μs typical at ΔVOUT = 25 V
  • Low power supply current shutdown: 20 μA maximum
  • Low input offset current: ±700 pA maximum
  • Large signal voltage gain: 126 dB minimum for ΔVOUT = 3.5 V
  • CMRR: 120 dB minimum at VCM = −0.1 V to +70 V
  • PSRR: 123 dB minimum at VSY = +3 V to ±25 V
  • Input overdrive tolerant with no phase reversal
  • ±3 kV HBM and ±1.25 kV FICDM
  • Wide temperature range: −55°C to +150°C (H grade)
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The ADA4098-1 and ADA4098-2 are single/dual robust, precision, rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifiers (op amps) with inputs that operate from −VS to +VS and beyond, which is referred to in this data sheet as Over-The-Top. The devices feature offset voltages of <35 μV, input bias currents (IB) of <700 pA, and can operate on single or split supplies that range from 3 V to 50 V. The ADA4098-1 and ADA4098-2 draw 165 μA of supply current per channel.

The ADA4098-1 and ADA4098-2 Over-The-Top input stages have robust input protection features for abusive environments. The inputs can tolerate up to 80 V of differential voltage without damage or degradation to dc accuracy. The operating common-mode input range extends from rail-to-rail and beyond, up to 70 V > –VS, independent of the +VS supply.

The ADA4098-1 and ADA4098-2 are unity-gain stable and can drive loads requiring up to 20 mA per channel. The devices can also drive capacitive loads as large as 200 pF. The amplifiers are available with low power shutdown.

The ADA4098-1 is available in a standard, 6-lead thin small outline transistor (TSOT) package. The ADA4098-2 is available in an 8-lead standard small outline (SOIC_N) package, 8-lead mini small outline package (MSOP), and 10-lead lead-frame chip-scale package (LFCSP).


  • Industrial sensor conditioning
  • Supply current sensing
  • Battery and power supply monitoring
  • Front-end amplifiers in abusive environments
  • 4 mA to 20 mA transmitters
Part Models 3
1ku List Price Starting From $1.99

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1

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Evaluating the ADA4098-1 50 V, 1 MHz, 165 μA, Robust, Over-The-Top Precision Op Amp



Evaluating the ADA4098-1 50 V, 1 MHz, 165 μA, Robust, Over-The-Top Precision Op Amp

Evaluating the ADA4098-1 50 V, 1 MHz, 165 μA, Robust, Over-The-Top Precision Op Amp

Features and Benefits

  • Fully featured evaluation board for the ADA4098-1
  • Enables efficient prototyping
  • User defined circuit configuration
  • Simplified connection to test equipment and other circuits

Product Detail

The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ evaluates the ADA4098-1 6-lead, thin small outline transistor (TSOT), robust Over-The-Top precision operational amplifier (op amp). The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ is a prepopulated board using a gain of 1 configuration.

The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ design allows simplified and efficient use. The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ has edge mounted Subminiature Version A (SMA) connectors on the inputs and outputs to allow efficient connection to test equipment or other circuits. Bulk test points are also incorporated as an alternative option to be used for the inputs and outputs. The optimized EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ ground plane, component placement, and power supply allow maximum circuit flexibility and performance. The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ combines surface-mount technology (SMT) with almost all 0805 size components to provide simplified installation and the option to replace and solder when needed, except for the bypass capacitors (C1 to C4) that are fixed 0603 sized. The EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ also has unpopulated resistor and capacitor pads that provide the user with options and flexibility to implement different application circuits and configurations.

Refer to the ADA4098-1 data sheet for full specifications, details on device operation, and application circuit configurations. Consult the data sheet in conjunction with the user guide when using the EVAL-ADA4098-1HUJZ.

Tools & Simulations

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LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits.

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