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The AD647 is an ultralow drift, dual JFET amplifier that combines high performance and convenience in a single package.

The AD647 uses the most advanced ion-implantation and laser wafer drift trimming technologies to achieve the highest performance currently available in a dual JFET. Ion-implantation permits the fabrication of matched JFETs on a monolithic bipolar chip. Laser wafer drift trimming trims both the initial offset voltage and its drift with temperature to provide offsets as low as 100 µV (250 µV max) and drifts of 2.5 µV/°C max.

In addition to outstanding individual amplifier performance, the AD647 offers guaranteed and tested matching performance on critical parameters such as offset voltage, offset voltage drift and bias currents.

The high level of performance makes the AD647 especially well suited for high precision instrumentation amplifier applications that previously would have required the costly selection and matching of space wasting single amplifiers.

The AD647 is offered in four performance grades, three commercial (the J, K and L) and one extended (the S). All are supplied in hermetically sealed 8-pin TO-99 packages and are available processed to MIL-STD-883B. The LCC version is also available processed to MIL-STD-883B.

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