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The AD5539 is an ultrahigh frequency operational amplifier designed specifically for use in video circuits and RF amplifiers. Requiring no external compensation for gains greater than 5, it may be operated at lower gains with the addition of external compensation.

As a superior replacement for the Signetics NE/SE5539, each AD5539 is 100% dc tested to meet all of its guaranteed dc specifications over the full temperature range of the device.

The high slew rate and wide bandwidth of the AD5539 provide low cost solutions to many otherwise complex and expensive high frequency circuit design problems.

The AD5539 is available specified to operate over either the commercial (AD5539JN/JQ) or military (AD5539SQ) temperature range. The commercial grade is available either in 14-pin plastic or cerdip packages. The military version is supplied in the cerdip package. Chip versions are also available.

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