Wireless Battery Management Systems (wBMS)

Analog Devices, Inc. wireless battery management system (wBMS) is a purpose-built solution, tailored for high reliability and the low latency requirements of automotive battery management systems. The wBMS network provides robust connectivity for the supervision of battery cells and control of the balancing current in electric vehicles or other large energy storage systems.

The wireless battery management system (wBMS) consists of ADI developed software that resides on a specifically developed system-on-chip. This low power integrated system-on-chip includes a 2.4 GHz ISM band radio and an embedded microcontroller (MCU) subsystem. These devices provide wireless communications between the battery cell monitoring chip and the battery management system controller (BMS controller).

ISO/SAE 21434 Product Certification

Analog Devices has achieved the ISO/SAE 21434 product certification for its automotive wireless battery management system (wBMS), Sentinel wBMS, a purpose-built secure system solution tailored for automotive battery management systems. ISO/SAE 21434 is an assessed automotive cybersecurity certificate recognizing ADI’s excellence in security design, which is incorporated into Sentinel wBMS through a systematic threat assessment and risk analysis of the battery lifecycle. The assessment confirmed that ADI performed appropriate assurance measures within the product development to fulfill the CAL 4 requirements.

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ISO/SAE 21434 Product Certification